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Yen Bond Yielding 0.0000027% a Hit Amid Emerging-Market Rout

It must be tough out there in volatile emerging-debt markets. Overseas investors including Asian buyers this month bought a chunk of yen bonds from a Japanese highway operator yielding 0.0000027 percent.East Nippon Expressway Co. sold one-year notes at a coupon of 0.001 percent and an issue price of 100.001 yen on June 13. That means that an investor buying 100 million yen ($908,000) of the notes will receive 2.7 yen in interest, according to Bloomberg calculations. Even so, investors? orders for the debt came to about 4.3 times the 65 billion yen that was offered, according to underwriters.Asian investors hit by a rout in emerging market bonds and in search of safe assets participated in the yen deal, according to people familiar with the offering, who aren?t authorized to speak publicly and asked not to be identified.
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