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TRACES: Know all about online rectification of TDS return

The TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System (TRACES) of the Income Tax Department allows online correction of already filed TDS returns. This is a hassle-free system that does away with the lengthy process of filing the revised return.

PAN details and challan corrections can be made using the online rectification system.


The tax deductor needs to be registered in the TRACES system at www.tdscpc.gov.in.

Once registration is completed, a login id and password is allotted. The tax deductor needs to log into TRACES using these credentials for online requests.

Request for correction

On logging into TRACES, the landing page has a tab “Defaults”. Choose “Request for correction” option by clicking on this tab.


Correction cannot be filed online if the TDS return was submitted physically as a paper return.

Details such as financial year, quarter, type of form, correction category and latest token number needs to be filled up. Once the details are filed, the form should be submitted online.

Follow up

If the details submitted are valid, the request is accepted and a request number is allotted to the tax payer. Status of the request can be checked subsequently on “Track Correction Request” under the “Defaults” menu.

Carry out correction

Once the request status is “Available”, the user can start correcting the statement. The new token number given to the statement should be used. Token number and statement details have to be filled in. Once details are validated, the challan correction screen will get enabled.

Points to note

1. Only the statements issued for FY 2007-08 onwards are available for online corrections.

2. Apart from PAN and challan corrections, all other corrections have to be made through the offline mode through TIN-FC.

3. A tax payer can also avail the facility of online correction of TDS challan by registering himself on the TRACES website.

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